And That's a Wrap

So, my intention was to make this post about a month ago. Then I was beset upon by the specter of procrastination and somehow managed to never get around to it. After writing nothing for weeks, I realized at last that it was probably because I had nothing more to say. I've already made my wrap-up post, I made an encore post about language silliness, so all that's left are the proverbial crumbs in the corner of the chip bag; delicious, but ultimately not very filling.

So! Awkward metaphors aside, here is a final photo dump, captioned for your pleasure. This will be the final post on this blog. Thanks to everyone who's been following along, you guys have been a real pleasure to write for.  So long folks! It's been great.

The photos are in roughly chronological order, and some of them are of really poor quality, for which I apologize. My camera does not handle low light well, and that was what I was shooting in most of the time!

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