This site

Begun as a thrown-together free WordPress blog in 2011 to have somewhere to post my experiences in travelling to Finland. It's now a catch-all personal site for me.

More generally speaking, the site is also my own reaction to the growing trend of massive, bloated websites, which is something I am not alone in being annoyed by. Architecturally, this website would be right at home in the 90s–it is little more than a collection of static HTML pages. You'll find no NPM packages or Webpack shenanigans here. The only exception to that is the comment system, which is a stitched-together abomination of a single Javascript file, a handful of serverless functions, and a cloud-hosted NoSQL database.


I'm Neil McAlister, a software developer living in Helsinki, Finland. Born and raised in California, I moved to Finland in 2015, and have been here ever since. I program stuff for fun and, if the title of this blog didn't make it abundantly clear, enjoy travelling.

You can also find me on GitHub as PingZing or Twitter as @pingzingy.