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Snowpocalypse 2021

So it's been a little snowy in Helsinki lately. A few days ago, a huge winter storm dropped about 1ft/30cm of snow on us over the course of about two days. Now, today, it dumped another 2in/5cm on us. Here are some pictures.

Snowy picture of a sidewalk in the sun We also had two brief, glorious FREEZING days of sun!

Early morning picture of sun raising against snow The view out my front door at 8 in the morning when it all began.

Photo of a large pile of snow My apartment building hires a little snow plow to keep our parking lot clean. This pile has only grown since I took this.

Photo of a driveway in sunny, snowy weather Gotta take advantage of what sun you can find, you know?

Photo of a snowy field with long shadows If you cast a dramatic shadow like this, you would've taken the shot too.

Photo of a deep snow with footprints leading toward a tree Pictured: thigh-deep snow. I stayed on the path–my pants were not waterproof.

Photo of a snowy stream and some trees Taken in a park. It's pretty!

Snowy photo of an intersection and grocery story All that snow piled up against the wall is from the parking lot on the roof of the building. Presumably shovelled off by tiny snow plows.