Snowy Shots


The piikki🔗

I don't really have any interesting Christmas-related observations this year. Though I did just watch Kaisa's neighbor fillet some fish that he'd caught this morning. Apparently, properly filleted fish costs about 20 euros per kilo at the store, and what he'd caught came out to 6 bags with 410 grams each--just under 10 euros worth of fish per bag. It's been salted, and one bag is currently sitting in the fridge waiting to be prepared somehow. He also did it with a handmade knife, and an interesting looking tool called a piikki (fish spike, or literally "thorn") which apparently doubles as something you can jab into the ice and pull yourself out with, should you fall in.

Anyway, with that little interlude out of the way, feel free to enjoy some pretty pictures I took this morning, a little after 11AM. Pictures are behind the "Continue reading..." link.

~2021 EDIT~: Looks like these images didn't survive the migration from WordPress. Sorry =/